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  • Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage the same as lymphatic massage?
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or MLD, is the technical term commonly used in medical and rehabilitative settings. Outside of these settings, it may also commonly be referred to as: lymphatic massage, lymphatic drainage massage, manual lymph massage, lymph drainage, etc.
  • Why is it called "drainage?" Do any fluids actually drain out?"
    MLD is non-invasive and only works on surfaces of the skin that are intact (not open), thus there is no external drainage of fluids. The lymphatic fluid is "drained" internally through the lymphatic system then either recirculated through your body or urinated out. Therefore, it is not uncommon to experience increased urination after a lymphatic massage. Some physicians may perform techniques to drain fluids externally through incisions - this is not MLD.
  • Does the massage hurt?
    No! Authentic MLD involves the use of the therapist's hands to provide very gentle, rhythmic strokes along the superficial surface of the skin. Occasionally, slightly firmer strokes will be used on hardened tissue areas, or fibrosis. There are no other tools involved and it should never be painful. Improper methods and techniques, particularly when pressure is applied too deeply, can impede lymphatic flow, cause increased inflammation, and slow the healing process.
  • What can I expect during my session?
    1. Upon arrival, the therapist will set up their treatment table in the area you designate. 2. They will conduct a review of your medical history and you may share any specific requests and/or focus areas. 3. The therapist will step away to the nearest bathroom to wash their hands thoroughly. During this time, you may disrobe to your comfort level. 4. The therapist will return and initiate the treatment, which usually begins with deep breathing exercises to stimulate the deep lymphatic system. 5. Throughout the treatment, you are encouraged to relax, focus on your breathing, and also let the therapist know if you need any adjustments. 6. Once the treatment is finished, the therapist will step outside once again to wash their hands. During this time, you may get dressed. 7. Once cleared for re-entry, the therapist will thoroughly clean and pack up their treatment table.
  • What makes you different from other places that offer lymphatic massage?
    Manual lymphatic drainage originated as part of medical treatments for conditions such as lymphedema. Our therapists are not massage therapists, but medical rehabilitation professionals with advanced degrees and the highest credentialing available for lymphatic therapists (LANA-certified lymphedema therapists). They not only have expertise in MLD techniques, they also have extensive knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system.
  • Do you provide any other types of massages?
    We take pride in the fact that we solely focus on manual lymphatic drainage, which allows for the utmost expertise in our techniques. Because our therapists are medical rehabilitation professionals and not massage therapists, no other types of massages are offered.
  • How soon after surgery can I start receiving MLD?
    You can generally start treatments very soon after surgery, however you should obtain clearance from your surgeon. Most surgeons will clear MLD within 2-4 days of liposuction and/or BBL. Following abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and mommy makeover, MLD is typically initiated after 1-2 weeks or once drains are removed. Some clients also benefit from treatments before surgery to stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, drain toxins, and increase immune function.
  • How many sessions will I need after surgery?
    This will vary depending on the amount of swelling and/or fibrosis you experience. In general, we recommend treatments 2-3 times per week for the first 1-2 weeks, then weekly visits thereafter as needed.
  • Do I have to get lymphatic massages to heal properly after surgery?
    Many people do not get lymphatic drainage massages after surgery and heal just fine. The reason that post-surgical MLD has gained popularity is because clients find that it can significantly decrease recovery times, increase comfort, and enhance aesthetic outcomes. Without MLD, post-surgical swelling and fibrosis can take over 12 months to resolve. With MLD, most symptoms resolve within a few weeks to 6 months.
  • What precautions are being taken for COVID-19?
    We strictly adhere to CDC guidelines for COVID-19 precautions and align our practices with current local hospital-based policies. All of our therapists are fully vaccinated but will continue to wear KN-95/N95 masks throughout the entire session for added protection. All of our equipment is thoroughly sanitized after each session, then once again at the end of each day. Therapists will perform careful hand hygiene before and after each session. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.
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